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10 things to do in Goa during monsoon season.

I was considering calling this post: 'What to do in Goa when it rains like fuck for a week straight' but pretty sure it was only me that googled this sentence (multiple times). Be warned, it's going to be short. There really is not much. Just don't do it. But if you are Goa-ing to do it anyway (no that won't be the last time I use that joke in this post) or you are already there and like me, took the term 'monsoon' very loosely then hopefully I can help you to make the most of a bad situation.

1. Shopping - Monsoon shopping is a real thing! If you are travelling around India at this time and looking to pick up a few souvenirs, Goa is super cheap at this time and 'monsoon prices' are much lower than the high season or in any other part of India I visited on this trip.

2. Massage - Again take advantage of monsoon prices and get a massage, locals will be so grateful for your business whether you choose a high end luxury hotel or one of the massage shacks along the street.

3. Chapura Fort - Great views of the area and probably the only attraction open at this time.

4. Waterfall - If it is not as wet as it was when I was there this may still be open, during monsoon the waterfall is super powerful and amazing to see (so I've heard) but if you are too deep into the monsoon it may actually be too dangerous to go.

5. Drinking - I had to include this because it is pretty much all I did! As not many places are open it feels like a much more intimate atmosphere than I imagine it would be in the high season and you end up seeing the same travellers in all different parts of Goa as word travels to where the party is at that night! There is even an app to help with this!

6. Yoga - As is the case in most of India, you are bound to find a yoga class and it's bound to be fantastic. Use the time to really relax and enjoy the exercise. The sounds of torrential rain is actually quite peaceful!

7. Be productive - Bring some work (I wrote most of my blog posts in Goa), start that novel you've been meaning to write, create a new drinking game. Whatever that thing is you haven't had time to do? Do it now!

9. Make Friends - One thing that was actually really nice is that everyone is in the same boat, you all made this awful mistake of travelling to India in August so just laugh and make the most of it. If you are in a hostel, you will more than likely spend all your time with these people with no wifi (because power cuts obvs) and nothing to do but get to know each other, drink and play card games. I met some really interesting people, both locals and travellers during this long, wet week and some of who I still keep in touch with.

10. Be present - Look, you are here! Make the most of it! When do you ever have a real excuse to do nothing? Read, mediate, chill out and just enjoy it. How many people are lucky enough to travel to Goa, monsoon season or not? Suck it up and appreciate the here and now!

If you are looking for a hostel Jungle hostel is the one! Most amount of travellers and there is a backup generator so you don't have to shower by candlelight! Many travellers left their hostel to stay at ours for these reasons. There is also a pool if it does ever stop raining and organised activities every night such a pub quiz, movie night, bbq etc.

Any other tips? Let me know - travelsbykatie@gmail.com