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12 budget-friendly things to do in Venice

Venice is perfect for a city break at anytime of year and doesn’t have to break the bank. I’m a big believer that the less you spend on each trip the more trips you can squeeze into each year! So here are a few tried and tested ideas to make your weekend in Venice more economical...

1. Visit the attractions from the ground. This may be a controversial statement, but on city breaks like this, where every attraction has a 20 euro entrance fee, sometimes it's just as interesting to look from the outside, do a quick google search for some facts and create your own walking tour. Me and my partner take turns doing this on all our budget city breaks. St Marks Basílica is a great place to start and is the city's most famous cathedral with exquisite architecture, from there you can walk to Doges Palace and the Bridge of Sighs, which is where people would cross before getting executed! The square is great for people watching but very expensive to sit in one of the bars/ restaurants. While you are here you can also visit the Bell tower - apparently James Bond did some cool stuff up here. Again, nice enough to look at without going in.

Librería Aqua Alta

2. Visit the world's most beautiful book shop: Librería Aqua Alta. Great if you need a book, also great for your insta-feed.

3. For a cheap lunch grab some fresh pasta from Dal Moros, you can choose the type of pasta and what you want on it while they make it in front of you in a takeaway box. Maybe grab a mini bottle of prosecco and watch the Gondolas float past from the canal

4. Shop at Rialto Market - Really cool to shop with the locals, the market literally sells everything!

Island of Burano

5. Take a ferry to Barano island which is a very pretty town with colourful buildings. It is also famous for making lace which you can see people doing. You can get a ticket to hop on and off and also stop at Murano island which is where they blow glass which is interesting but if you are short of time this would be the one to miss in my opinion.

6. When in Italy it’s basically the law that you have to have gelato! - The best places we found that didn’t cost the earth were Mela Verde or Gelatoteca Suso.


7. Ride on a Tranghetto- This is my favourite tip for people visiting Venice. An iconic Gondola ride is going to set you back at least 80 euros even in low season. Of course if you are going for a special occasion or it's always been on your bucket list then go for it, but if money is tight and like us, you work out how many beers you could buy instead (13), then you can cross the river on a Tranghetto with the locals. This is actually the quickest way for them to get around and only cost 2 euros! Something to be aware of is that the locals will stand as they cross, but if you are not embarrassed or manage to find an empty Tranghetto you can sit down, pose for a cute pic and get on with your day! You can find these in a few places, the easiest to find is probably right next to the Rialto Market.

8. *Disclosure* This one is not budget friendly! But... Harry's bar is where belinis were invented and on our trip we did splash out for 1 drink each (15 euros).

9. Eat at All'amorone which is other side of Rialto bridge. They do really good cicchetti (Italian tapas). We got the 11 piece cicchetti. You can ask for veggie or without fish etc. It was a mixture bread with different toppings. They also do wine tasting!

10. Another great place to eat is Osteria alla Bifora - Very Italian local restaurant - cheap drinks and really, really, good food. Especially pasta! Locals will stand and eat which is common throughout Italy, and is another way to save money, but you may want to pay slightly more to sit down and relax after a long day of sightseeing.

12. Nightlife - As hard as we tried we didn't find anywhere great to go out but there was an ok Irish bar called innishark or Venice Jazz bar which has live music every night.

Have you got any tips to add? Please email me at travelsbykatie@gmail.com