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24 hours in Rome, Italy

Trevi Fountain

Rome wasn’t built in a day but you can pretty much see it in that time.

This was a very quick visit as a result of me tagging along on the boyf's work trip, I’d recommend much longer if you have the time but if not here is how to squeeze everything into 24 hours:

Rome is a city where you can walk everywhere without getting public transport, it’s a lot of walking don’t get me wrong but that’s what city breaks are for right?

So we started at the Trevi Fountain as this was close to our hotel, I really liked staying around this area as it’s very central and in walking distance to pretty much everything you would want to see. Here we found a cute little deli selling slices of fresh pizza and amazing cakes and pastries. Although we’d only been walking 5 minutes it would be rude not to stop!


The Trevi Fountain was packed of course, I think you would have to get up before sunrise to catch it when it’s empty, but having my fantastic photographer/boyfriend/travel buddy/pain in the arse there meant I still managed to get a decent picture, and of course make a wish!

The next stop was the Spanish Steps, again incredibly busy. The steps aren’t all that special to look at but the buildings at the top and the fountain at the bottom are very pretty, we didn’t spend long here and it was on to the next destination: Pantheon. This is definitely worth a visit even though it is sometimes missed, it’s free to go in and the architecture is magnificent especially when you think how long ago it was built!


Moving on and we were hungry again! We stopped for gelato and coffee, a tip for this which may sound obvious but might saveup up to €20, is to stay away from the main streets and squares and if you really want to save money stay standing up! They charge extra if you sit down and most locals stand at the bar to drink their coffee, but we needed the rest and were happy to pay the extra. Finally we moved on to the main event: The Colosseum, we decided not to go in, having visited before but I’d definitely recommend it if you have time, you can buy skip the queue passes in advance and audio guide when you're in there, but if not it’s just as impressive from the outside!

30,000 steps down and we were back at the hotel and ready for yet more food!

All the snacks!

In this area, again, it’s best to stay away from the tourist traps and try to find somewhere local. I personally think that pizza in Italy is only really spectacular in the south (Naples and below) so I opted for pasta and it was delicious as it should be in Rome! We went for a few drinks at Hotel De Russie, it’s pricey but a lovely setting with fires outside. We were lucky enough to view some of the rooms here and they are out of this world! Some were twice the size of my flat back home! If you’ve got the budget, 100% this is the place staying there, but if you’re poor, like us, Roma Central is also a lovely slightly more basic option with fantastic breakfast included at Rosemary.

Vatican City

After breakfast on Sunday we headed to the Vatican, we did walk but you could just jump on the metro if you prefer. It would of course be rude to miss Sunday Mass with The Pope so that’s where we spent our morning. When we arrived we found a queue of hundreds of people! You can join this if you want to, (it’s free) but only gets you slightly closer. My advice would be to hang around and wait in the square you won’t get as good a view of the screen but I’m pretty sure you can see the pope much better in his little window. Note: Mass is not in English. With only a few hours left we headed to the very cool slightly hipster part of Rome called Trastervere. Full of cute bars and restaurants in tiny little alleyways. We were lucky with the weather even though it was February and so sat outside for lunch. Another tip: most places will bring snacks when you order drinks, some so much you probably don’t need to order food but we did anyway and more gelato and Aperol of course! The perfect way to end a perfect 24 hours. From Trastervere. you can catch the train straight to the airport for about €7 and I was back there by 3pm exhausted and about a stone heavier, but very very happy!

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