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How my city break in Bratislava cost me less than a night out!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

‘We won’t go crazy, we’ll just go out for dinner.'

After 1 New outfit, a bottle of wine at pre drinks, dinner out, more drinks, a taxi home, and kebab on the way I was £150 down on my last night out! Instead of calling my bank to see if there had been a mistake, my immediate thought was that I if I had put that money towards a holiday instead, I wouldn’t be currently throwing up bits of said kebab in the bathroom.

So I gave myself a budget of £150 to try and see if I could do a city break for the same price and documented the results:

Flights £25

A quick Skyscanner search showed me there were many options in my budget. Although we hate on Ryanair for making us pay for luggage and seats and tap water and breathing, where would we be without them? So after sussing out which times work best for that 9-5 life we decided on Bratislava. Flights were £25 booked about a month in advance, we didn’t bring luggage just a small backpack and didn’t select seats as it was only a short flight.

Bratislava card £20

The Bratislava card is one thing I would recommend splashing out on. It will cover all your public transport for the weekend (including airport transfers) a free walking tour, entrance to most of the attractions plus discounts in almost all the bars and restaurants across the city.

Transfers £10

I used to hate Stansted for having the audacity for calling itself a London airport, as trains from Liverpool Street usually cost more than the flight (and sometimes take just as long) but then I discovered national express and their £5 (each way) tickets from most central London stations. Not ideal at rush hour but it’s doable and saves around £30!

Attractions £0

My favourite spots were Bratislava castle, the Blue Church and Devin castle which is about 6 miles out of the city but a great way to see the Slovakian countryside. All entries included with the Bratislava card along with plenty of others museums, galleries and attractions. Download the Bratislava app to plan your stops depending on how long you have.

Public transport £0

Most attractions will probably be within walking distance of your accommodation but the handy bus and tram services can also take you to and from the airport and to any of the further out tourists spots.

Walking tour £0

Everyday at 2pm this tour showcases the crazy history of the city. A perfect combination of fun and informative is a great way to get a feel for the area before exploring on your own.

Food £40

Slovakian food is delicious and so cheap! If you love cheese and carbs as much as I do Bratislava is the place to be! I budgeted around £10 per meal and ended up spending way less than that. Some firm favourites are: Urban House for a cosy modern vibe and fantastic avo toast or Bratislavska Restauracia for traditional local food.

Drinks £15 (that’s 15 drinks!)

The main choice you really need to make is £1 beer or £1 wine? Both are delicious. Places I would recommend are: Slovak pub (local vibes) , Wine not? or Cork for a vast variety of local wines and Barrock for a late night boogie.

Total price: £145

So there we have it. Next time someone asks you to go out for a quick catch up, ask them to come with you to Bratislava instead!

Any other tips for saving money on your city break?

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